Terms and Policies

"Advertiser area" means the area of the website where client details are stored, modified and where adverts may be entered and amended prior to publishing.

"Recruitment Company" mean any companies including recruitment & corporate organizations who are actively seeking a person or persons for employment.

"Username" and "password" means any identifier used to access the website.

"Client order form" means the form specifying client details, specific adverts, term and any other service provided by the company to the client.

"Software" means the computer code providing the functions within the website.

"User" means any person accessing and using the facilities of the website.

"Services" means all the information provided within the website.

"CV services" means the facility to store, amend, retrieve, search and gain access to CV's stored.

"Third Party" means any business or service that is not directly or indirectly owned or managed by the company.

1. Introduction

As a user, you will be able to access material in some areas of the website without going through the registration process. Certain areas of the website are only open to you if you register and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

2. Services

2.1. The company shall publish on the website the adverts and provide CV services in accordance with the client order form and Terms and Conditions.

2.2. The company shall use reasonable endeavors to publish each of the client's adverts on the website commencing on a date specified within the client order form within one working day (Sunday—Thursday  9am-7pm excluding public holidays) of the client notifying the company that the advert is ready for publication. The company accepts no responsibility for its failure to adhere to such timescale if such failure arises for any technical reason or any other reason beyond the company's reasonable control. The company shall allow access to the CV services for on-line searches and provide copies of the requested CV(s) in accordance with the client order form and these Terms and Conditions. The company makes no warranty whatsoever as to the availability or suitability of the candidate.

2.3. The company shall apply reasonable skill and care to the performance of its services under these Terms and Conditions.

3. Adverts

3.1.  The company agrees to use reasonable endeavors to provide the services that it promotes. The company shall provide the client with full use of its advertising area. The company may, at its discretion and without recourse to the client, modify, withhold or place material submitted to the company on to any third party website. The company shall not be liable for any consequences, including financial loss or damages, arising from any client material submitted to the company, displayed on a third party website.

3.2. The client takes full responsibility for any person (whether or not authorized by the client) who uses the client's username and password to access the website. The company shall not be liable for any consequences, including financial loss or damages, arising out of any third party using the client's username or password to access the website. The client acknowledges that the company may refuse to post additional adverts once the agreed number of adverts has been published for the term. The client shall notify the company when the advert(s) is/are ready for publication on the website.

3.3. The client may use the advertiser area to create and edit adverts (up to a maximum of the number of credits available to the client) subject to the license terms set out in clause 8.

3.4. The client represents, warrants and undertakes that each of the adverts:
(a) Will not contain obscene, indecent or any other unlawful material;
(b) Will not contain materials which infringe the copyright, trademark rights, moral rights or any other intellectual property rights of any third party;
(c) Will comply with all applicable legislation, codes and practices in the UK and in any other country to which the advert(s) is/are targeted relating to employment including without limit legislation regarding unlawful discrimination on the grounds of sex, racial or disability discrimination;
(d) Will not contain any defamatory material;
(e) Will not contain any computer virus;
(f) Will not contain any other material which is likely to harm the reputation of the company or the website;

3.5. If in the company's reasonable opinion any advert(s) is/are likely to infringe any of the warranties and representations in clause 3.4, then the company may (without prejudice to its other rights and remedies) remove such advert(s).

3.6. The client shall indemnify and keep fully indemnified the company from and against all loss, actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including without prejudice to the generality of this provision the legal costs of the company) awards and damages arising directly or indirectly as a result of any claim which, taking the claimants allegations to be true, would result in a breach by the client of clause 3.4.

3.7. The client may use such information directly or indirectly derived from the company, only for hiring purposes, recruitment services, human resource services and other advertising permitted on the website.

3.8. The client shall not distribute, disclose, transfer or sell any information to third parties or provide services in competition with or substantially similar to the services provided by the company.

3.9. The client shall not use information directly or indirectly derived from the website for any other purpose

4. Licence to use the website

4.1. The company grants to the client anon-exclusive right to use the software as permitted by the Terms andConditions. The software is and remains the property of the company. The clientobtains no rights in the website and software except the right to use asexpressly granted in clause 4 and subject to the Terms and Conditions.

4.2. Any Job / CV credits purchased by the clientare valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of invoice.

4.3. The client may only use the software on thewebsite to search, view, edit and create job adverts and also view and downloadCV(s) from the candidate database.

4.4. The client shall not:

(a) download the software from the website;

(b) use, copy or transfer the software except aspermitted by the Terms and Conditions;

(c) distribute, rent, loan, lease, sub-license thesoftware;

(d) alter, adapt, merge, modify or translate thesoftware in any way for any purpose; to

(e) reverse-engineer, disassemble or decompile thesoftware except as provided in section 50B of the Copyright, Designs andPatents Act 1988.

(f) allow any third party access to, or use of, thesoftware.

(g) post, send, upload or otherwise transmitinformation/pictures that are obscene or pornographic, racist, offensive orotherwise unlawful.

(h) send or upload files as listed in clause 8 thatcontain software or other materials in breach of any intellectual propertyrights or in breach of confidence.

4.5. Upon termination of the agreement for anyreason, the license granted in Clause 4 shall automatically terminate and theclient shall immediately cease to use the software and any such use of thesoftware after termination is unlawful.

4.6 The company reserves the right to disclose anyinformation as required by law, remove, refuse to post or edit any informationand to take such action as maybe necessary to prevent any breach of these Termsand Conditions. The company will also fully cooperate with law enforcement andother relevant authorities regarding any investigation of suspected unlawfulactivity of network security.

5. Posting CV's

5.1. Your CV may not contain:

URL(s) or link(s) to external websites to advertise yourcompany or website, copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright or havethe owner's permission to post the copyrighted material) trade secrets (unlessyou own them or have the owner's permission to post them), material thatinfringes on any other intellectual property rights, or on the privacy orpublicity rights of others, anything that is sexually explicit, obscene,libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive and/or anything that isembarrassing or offensive to another person or entity.

5.2. You may not use your CV to:

Impersonate another person, living or dead, false,inaccurate or misleading information, advertisements or solicitations, businessopportunities including chain letters, pyramid schemes, opinions, noticesand/or e-mail processors.

The company will remove contact details and currentemployer from all documents posted. The full document will be emailed to theclient once the client has requested the CV document.

5.3 Your CV must contain:

Sufficient detail to convey clearly your qualificationsand work experience as a candidate for employment including any legaldocumentation relating to citizenship and/or work permits.

Accurate information of a living individual seekingemployment on a full-time, part-time, Interim, Non-executive or contractualbasis on his or her own behalf.

6. Fees

6.1. To open an account the client will need tocomplete the website registration process and sign a client order form. Allclient signatures must be by a duly appointed and be an authorizedrepresentative of the client. Upon receipt of the client order form, the clientwill be allowed the management of their adverts and services within theadvertiser area.

6.2. The company shall provide an invoice to theclient for the fees indicated on the client order form, which will be paid asspecified on the client order form. The company will display the adverts on thewebsite in accordance with the timescales set out in Clause 2.2 above.

6.3. Value added tax, where applicable, shall bepaid by the client, subject to the local law at that time.

6.4. In the case of a credit card transaction, oncethe customer/client has posted a job and accepted our terms and conditions, norefunds will be given after the credit card payment transaction has beencompleted.

7. Termination

7.1. The company may terminate these Terms andConditions with immediate effect by giving written notice under the Terms andConditions to the defaulting party if:

(a) The defaulting party is in breach of any of itsobligations under these Terms and Conditions and;

if the breach is capable of remedy and has continuedun-remedied for a period of twenty one days after the company has given noticeto the defaulting party specifying the breach and the steps required to remedyit; or

(b) The defaulting party shall have a receiver or anadministrative

e receiver appointed over it or over any part of itsundertaking or assets or shall pass a resolution for winding up (otherwise thanfor the purpose of a bona fide scheme of solvent amalgamation orreconstruction) or a court of competent jurisdiction shall make an order tothat effect, or if the defaulting party shall become subject to anadministrative order or shall enter into any voluntary agreement with itscreditors or shall cease or threaten to cease to carry on business.

7.2. The expiry of the term or the termination ofthese Terms and Conditions (for any reason) shall;

(i) be without prejudice to any other rights orremedies which either the company or the client may be entitled to under theseTerms and Conditions or at law;

(ii) not affect any accrued rights or liabilitieswhich either the company or the client may then have; and

(iii) not affect the coming into or continuance inforce of any provision of these Terms and Conditions which is expressly or byimplication intended to come into or continue in force after such termination.

7.3. If on expiry of the term or termination ofthese Terms and Conditions (for any reason), the client has not posted thenumber of adverts then there will be no obligation on the company to extend theterm or to refund any part of the fees.

7.4. The company may terminate these Terms andConditions without giving notice to the client in the event that the clientcommits a material breach of these Terms and Conditions

8.Intellectual Property Rights

8.1.Subject to Clause 4, the entire copyright and any other intellectual propertyrights in the adverts throughout the world shall be and shall remain theexclusive property of the client. The client grants the company anon-exclusive licence to publish the adverts on the website or any third partywebsite as set out expressly within these Terms and Conditions, or with theprior written agreement of the client.8.3. The entire copyright, databaserights and any other intellectual property rights in the website (including anysoftware) throughout the world and all rights in the domain name of thewebsite, the name "executivesontheweb.com" and all other trademarksof the company shall be and shall remain the exclusive property of the companyor its licensors. Other than the rights expressly granted in these Terms andConditions, the client obtains no rights to the website. All content includedon the company website, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videoand audio clips and software is the property of the company and is protected by .and International copyright laws. The compilation (meaning the collection,arrangements and assembly) of all content on the website is the exclusiveproperty of the company and protected by . and international copyright law.All software on the website is the property of the company or its softwaresuppliers and protected by . and International copyright laws.Any other use, including the reproduction, display or performance of thecontent on the website is strictly prohibited. The client will supply andauthorize use of digital image(s) to the requirements of the company for thesole purpose of branding advertised vacancies of the client. Should a clientwish to have their corporate details made available within the directories,they will supply and authorize the use of all materials. It is theresponsibility of the client to ensure that all adverts are amended where thecriteria has changed, or removed from the system as soon as the advert is nolonger required.9. Confidentiality9.1. Theclient undertakes to the company to keep confidential all information (writtenor oral) concerning the business or affairs of the company that it has receivedas a consequence of the discussions leading up to the Terms and Conditions orwhich it subsequently receives or creates as a consequence of the performanceof these Terms and Conditions.9.2. Clause 8.1 shall not apply toconfidential information which the client is required to disclose by law orwhich the client can demonstrate was; (i) already in the client's possessionprior to its receipt from the company; (ii) was subsequently disclosed to itlawfully by a third party who did not obtain such confidential information (directlyor indirectly) from the company; or (iii) was in the public domain at the timeof receipt by the client or has subsequently entered the public domain otherthan as a result of a breach of clause 8.1 by the client.10. Warranties and Liabilities10.1. Exceptas expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, all warranties andrepresentations, express or implied and howsoever arising, in relation to thesoftware, website and the provision of services under the Terms and Conditionsare excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law including, withoutlimitations, all warranties in relation to the following:
(a) Whileall reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information emanatingfrom the company is accurate, the company will not be liable for any loss ordamage however arising as a result of the client relying on such information.The company does not warrant, nor accept liability in any way for, the con
tent or accuracy of adverts;
(b) The company makes no warranties norgives any guarantees in respect of the effectiveness of any adverts, thesuccess of those seeking employment and is not involved or responsible for anyemployment decision; and
(c) Thecompany does not warrant that the software and website will be error free, orthat the website or its server(s) are free of computer viruses or other harmfulmechanism(s). The client must make adequate protection against thesecontingencies. The client remains responsible for any consequences, includingcosts and losses, arising from use of the website or software.10.2.The company, to the maximum extent permitted by law, excludes all liabilityincluding, without limitation, liability for special, indirect or consequentialloss (including loss of profits, earnings and goodwill) whether or not thecompany has been advised of the possibility of such.10.3. Theentire liability of the company to the client or client to the company, arisingout of or in connection with the agreement (including without limitation,breach of contract, misrepresentation, negligence and any other tort) is . tothe fees paid by the client to the company.11. General11.1. Headingsin the Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and will have no legalmeaning or effect.11.2. FORCE MAJEURE.
The company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of itsobligations under the Terms and Conditions if such delay or failure is due toany cause beyond its reasonable control including without limit any technicalreason preventing the publication of the adverts.
11.3. NOTICES.
All notices to be given under these Terms and Conditions shall be in writingand shall be sent by first class post or facsimile to the relevant address onthe client order form. However, if either party sends a notice under these Termsand Conditions by facsimile, it shall also send the original notice by post,posted first class within twenty-four hours of the transmission of the relevantfacsimile. All notices sent by post shall be sent to the address of the otherparty set out in the Terms and Conditions as appropriate. Any notice givenunder the Terms and Conditions which is sent by post and which is not returnedto the sender as undelivered shall be deemed to have been received two daysafter posting (if the address of the other party is in the United Kingdom) orfour days after posting (if the address of the other party is outside theUnited Kingdom). Any notice given under the Terms and Conditions, which is sentby facsimile in accordance with this clause shall be deemed to have beenreceived on the date of transmission.
The Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the client,user and the company. No addition to or modification of the Terms andConditions shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by a dulyauthorized representative of both the client and the company.
Nothing in the Terms and Conditions shall create, or be deemed to create, apartnership or joint venture between the client and the company or therelationship of principal and agent between the client and the company.
11.6. WAIVER.
No delay or failure on the part of any party to exercise or to enforce anyright given to it by the Terms and Conditions or at law, or any custom orpractice of the client and/or the company at variance with the terms of theTerms and Conditions shall constitute a waiver of respective rights of eitherthe client or the company under the Terms and Conditions or operate so as toprevent the exercise or enforcement of any such right at any time.
If any provision of the Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid orunenforceable, in whole or in part, that provision or part shall to that extentbe deemed not to form part of the Terms and Conditions, however, the validityand enforceability of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall not beaffected.
The client may not assign the whole or any part of its rights or obligationsunder the Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of thecompany. The company may assign or sub-contract the whole or any part of itsrights or obligations under the Terms and Conditions without restrictions.
11.9. LAWAND JURISDICTION.The Terms and Conditions shall be governedby and construed in accordance with English Law and the client and the companysubmit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Egypt and Wales andwhere applicable the European Courts.CopyrightBy viewing or accessing this website, youare acknowledging your agreement to the following:1. Unless otherwise expressly stated,copyright or similar rights in all material presented on this website,including graphical images, is owned by executivesontheweb.com2. Theuser has . permission to print or download extracts from these pages forpersonal use only and shall not be entitled to commercialize any such materialin any way.3. Anycopies of the pages of the website which you save to disk or to any otherstorage system or medium may only be used for subsequent viewing purposes or toprint extracts for personal use.4. The user may not (whether directly orindirectly including through the use of any program) create a database in anelectronic or other form by downloading and storing all or any part of thepages from the website without prior written consent of the company.5.Unless with prior permission of the company no part of the website may bereproduced or transmitted to or stored in any other website, nor may any of itspages or part thereof be disseminated in any electronic or non-electronic form,nor included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service.DisclaimerThecontents of this website are subject to the matters set out below. All usersacknowledge and accept the disclaimer right in order to obtain access to thissite.1. Contents are only for general informationor use by our client(s) and user(s).2. The information on the website isupdated from time to time, however, we hereby exclude any warranties (whetherexpressed or implied), as to the quality, accuracy, efficacy, completeness,performance, fitness for a particular purpose.3. The company excludes any warranties, of any content or material placed on athird party website, (whether expressed or implied), as to the quality,accuracy, efficacy, completeness, performance, fitness for a particular purpose.4. Thecompany will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation,damages for any consequential loss or loss of business opportunities orprojects, or loss of profits) however arising and whether in contract, tort orotherwise from the use of or inability to use the website, or from any actionor omission taken as a result of using the website.5. The website contains material in theform of CV(s) submitted by candidate(s) and we accept no responsibility for thecontent or accuracy of such CV(s) nor do we make any representation by virtueof the contents of the website in respect of the existence or availability ofany jobs advertised.6. Youshould note that certain links on the website lead to resources located onservers maintained by third parties over whom we have no control andaccordingly the company accepts no responsibility or liability for any of thematerial contained on those servers.7. Where part of the website containsadvertising and other material submitted to us by third parties please notethat those advertisers are responsible for ensuring that material submitted forinclusion on the website complies with all legal requirements.8. The company may suspend the operationof the website for maintenance or upgrade requirements from time to time. Thecompany will use its best endeavors to notify members when the suspension islikely to take place.9. Thecompany has the right at their discretion to amend the content and systemprocesses within the website including prices and procedures.10. All liability is excluded to theextent permitted by law including any implied terms.


"الموقع" يعني go-partners.com

"go-partners.com" يعني اسم نطاق وموقع ويب مملوك لشركاء غو.

غو بارتنرز لت مسجلة لدى مفوض المعلومات، رقم التسجيل 58850

"الرسوم" تعني الرسوم المحددة في نموذج طلب العميل.

"عدد الاعتمادات" يعني عدد "الاعتمادات الوظيفية" كما هو محدد في نموذج طلب العميل.

"الإعلانات" تعني أي إعلانات محددة في نموذج طلب العميل والمسموح بها بموجب هذه البنود والشروط.

"المدة" تعني الفترة المحددة في نموذج طلب العميل الذي يوافق العميل على وضع الإعلان على الموقع.

"العميل" يعني المنظمة المحددة في نموذج طلب العميل الذي يشتري خدمات الموقع.

"الطرف المقصر" يعني شركة أو فرد ينتهك أي من التزاماته بموجب هذه الشروط والأحكام.

"منطقة المعلن" تعني منطقة موقع الويب حيث يتم تخزين تفاصيل العميل وتعديلها وإمكانية إدخال الإعلانات وتعديلها قبل النشر.

"شركة التوظيف" تعني أي شركات بما في ذلك التوظيف ومنظمات الشركات الذين يسعون بنشاط شخص أو أشخاص للعمل.

"اسم المستخدم" و "كلمة المرور" تعني أي معرف يستخدم للوصول إلى موقع الويب.

"نموذج طلب العميل" يعني النموذج الذي يحدد تفاصيل العميل والإعلانات المحددة والمصطلح وأية خدمة أخرى تقدمها الشركة للعميل.

"البرمجيات" تعني رمز الكمبيوتر الذي يوفر الوظائف داخل الموقع.

"المستخدم" يعني أي شخص يدخل إلى مرافق الموقع ويستخدمها.

"الخدمات" تعني جميع المعلومات المقدمة في الموقع.

"خدمات السيرة الذاتية" تعني منشأة لتخزين وتعديل واسترجاع والبحث والوصول إلى تخزين السيرة الذاتية.

"الطرف الثالث" يقصد به أي عمل أو خدمة لا تملكها الشركة أو تديرها بشكل مباشر أو غير مباشر.

1 المقدمة

كمستخدم، سوف تكون قادرة على الوصول إلى المواد في بعض مناطق الموقع دون المرور من خلال عملية التسجيل. تكون بعض مناطق الموقع مفتوحة لك فقط إذا قمت بالتسجيل ووفقا لهذه الشروط والأحكام.

2. الخدمات

2.1. يجب على الشركة أن تنشر على الموقع الإلكتروني الإعلانات وتقدم خدمات السيرة الذاتية وفقا لنموذج طلب العميل والبنود والشروط.

2.2. يجب على الشركة أن تبذل جهودا معقولة لنشر كل إعلان من إعلانات العميل على الموقع يبدأ في تاريخ محدد في نموذج طلب العميل خلال يوم عمل واحد (من الأحد إلى الخميس من 9 صباحا إلى 7 مساء باستثناء أيام العطل الرسمية) للعميل يخطر الشركة بأن الإعلان جاهزة للنشر. لا تتحمل الشركة أي مسؤولية عن عدم التزامها بهذا الجدول الزمني إذا نشأ هذا الفشل لأي سبب تقني أو لأي سبب آخر خارج عن سيطرة الشركة المعقولة. وتسمح الشركة بالوصول إلى خدمات السيرة الذاتية لإجراء عمليات البحث عبر الإنترنت وتقديم نسخ من السيرة الذاتية (السيرة الذاتية) المطلوبة وفقا لنموذج طلب العميل وهذه الشروط والأحكام. لا تقدم الشركة أي ضمان من حيث توافر أو ملاءمة المرشح.

2.3. يجب على الشركة تطبيق المهارة والعناية المعقولة لأداء خدماتها بموجب هذه الشروط والأحكام.

3. الاعلانات

3.1. وتوافق الشركة على بذل جهود معقولة لتقديم الخدمات التي تروج لها. يجب على الشركة تزويد العميل بالاستفادة الكاملة من منطقة الإعلان الخاصة به. يجوز للشركة، وفقا لتقديرها ودون الرجوع إلى العميل، تعديل أو حجب أو وضع المواد المقدمة للشركة على أي موقع طرف ثالث. لن تكون الشركة مسؤولة عن أي عواقب، بما في ذلك الخسائر المالية أو الأضرار الناجمة عن أي مواد العميل المقدمة إلى الشركة، وعرضها على موقع طرف ثالث.

3.2. يتحمل العميل المسؤولية الكاملة عن أي شخص (سواء كان مصرحا من قبل العميل) أو الذي يستخدم اسم المستخدم وكلمة المرور للعميل للوصول إلى الموقع. ولن تكون الشركة مسؤولة عن أي عواقب، بما في ذلك الخسائر المالية أو الأضرار الناشئة عن أي طرف ثالث باستخدام اسم المستخدم أو كلمة المرور للعميل للوصول إلى الموقع. ويقر العميل بأن الشركة قد ترفض نشر إعلانات إضافية بمجرد نشر العدد المتفق عليه من الإعلانات لهذا المصطلح. يقوم العميل بإخطار الشركة عندما يكون الإعلان (الإعلانات) جاهزا للنشر على الموقع الإلكتروني.

3.3. يجوز للعميل استخدام منطقة المعلن لإنشاء إعلانات وتعديلها (بحد أقصى لعدد الأرصدة المتاحة للعميل) وفقا لشروط الترخيص المنصوص عليها في الفقرة 8.

3.4. العميل يمثل ويضمن ويتعهد بأن كل من الاعلانات:

(أ) لن تحتوي على مواد فاحشة أو غير لائقة أو أي مواد أخرى غير مشروعة؛

(ب) لن تحتوي على مواد تنتهك حقوق الطبع والنشر أو حقوق العلامات التجارية أو الحقوق المعنوية أو أي حقوق ملكية فكرية أخرى لأي طرف ثالث؛

(ج) ستلتزم بجميع التشريعات والقوانين والممارسات المعمول بها في المملكة المتحدة وفي أي بلد آخر يتم استهداف / استهداف الإعلان بشأنه، بما في ذلك عدم 

وجود تشريعات للحد من المخالفات

التمييز على أساس الجنس أو التمييز العنصري أو الإعاقة؛

(د) لن تحتوي على أي مواد تشهيرية؛

(ه) لن تحتوي على أي فيروسات الكمبيوتر؛

(و) لن تحتوي على أي مواد أخرى من شأنها أن تضر بسمعة الشركة أو الموقع الإلكتروني؛

3.5. إذا كان من رأي الشركة أن أي إعلان (إعلانات) من المحتمل أن ينتهك أي من الضمانات والإقرارات في الفقرة 3.4، يجوز للشركة (دون الإخلال بحقوقها وسبل الانتصاف الأخرى) بإزالة هذا الإعلان (الإعلانات).

3.6. يقوم العميل بتعويض الشركة وإعفاءها بالكامل من وضد جميع الخسائر والإجراءات والإجراءات والمطالبات والطلبات والتكاليف (بما في ذلك دون المساس بعمومية هذا الحكم التكاليف القانونية للشركة) الجوائز والأضرار الناشئة بشكل مباشر أو غير مباشر عن نتيجة لأي مطالبة من شأنها أن تؤدي، في حالة ادعاء ادعاءات صاحب المطالبة، إلى خرق من جانب العميل للبند 3-4.

3.7. يجوز للعميل استخدام هذه المعلومات مباشرة أو غير مباشرة مستمدة من الشركة، فقط لأغراض التوظيف، خدمات التوظيف، خدمات الموارد البشرية والإعلانات الأخرى المسموح بها على الموقع.

3.8. لا يجوز للعميل توزيع أو الإفصاح عن أو نقل أو بيع أي معلومات إلى أطراف ثالثة أو تقديم خدمات في منافسة أو مماثلة إلى حد كبير للخدمات المقدمة من قبل الشركة.

3.9. لا يجوز للعميل استخدام المعلومات مباشرة أو غير مباشرة مستمدة من الموقع لأي غرض آخر

4. ترخيص لاستخدام الموقع

4.1. تمنح الشركة للعميل الحق الحصري في استخدام البرنامج كما تسمح به الشروط والأحكام. البرنامج هو ولا يزال ملكا للشركة. ليس للعميل أي حقوق في الموقع والبرامج باستثناء الحق في الاستخدام الممنوح بشكل غير مقبول في البند 4 ورهنا بالشروط والأحكام.

4.2. أي اعتمادات الوظيفة / السيرة الذاتية التي تم شراؤها من قبل العميل صالحة لمدة أقصاها 12 شهرا من تاريخ الفاتورة.

4.3. يمكن للعميل فقط استخدام البرنامج على ثيوبزيت للبحث، عرض وتحرير وإنشاء إعلانات الوظائف وأيضا عرض و دونلوادكف (ق) من قاعدة البيانات المرشحة.

4.4. لا يجوز للعميل:

(أ) تنزيل البرنامج من الموقع الشبكي؛

(ب) استخدام البرنامج أو نسخه أو نقله ما لم تحدده الشروط والأحكام؛

(ج) توزيع أو استئجار أو قرض أو تأجير أو ترخيص ثانوي؛

(د) تغيير أو تكييف أو دمج أو تعديل أو ترجمة البرنامج بأي شكل من الأشكال لأي غرض؛ إلى

(ه) الهندسة العكسية أو تفكيك أو فك البرامج البرمجية باستثناء ما هو منصوص عليه في المادة 50 باء من قانون حق المؤلف والرسوم والنماذج والرسوم لعام 1988.

(و) السماح لأي طرف ثالث الوصول إلى، أو استخدام، ثيسوفتوار.

(ز) إرسال أو تحميل أو نقل المعلومات أو الصور التي تكون فاحشة أو إباحية أو عنصرية أو هجومية أو غير قانونية أو غير ذلك.

(ح) إرسال أو تحميل الملفات كما هو موضح في الفقرة 8 التي تحتوي على برامج أو مواد أخرى مخالفة لأية حقوق ملكية فكرية أو في انتهاك للثقة.

4.5. عند إنهاء اتفاقية أنيريسون، فإن الترخيص الممنوح في الفقرة 4 ينتهي تلقائيا ويجب على العميل التوقف فورا عن استخدام البرنامج وأي استخدام من هذا البرنامج بعد إنهاء غير قانوني.

4.6 تحتفظ الشركة بالحق في الكشف عن أي معلومات كما هو مطلوب بموجب القانون أو إزالة أو رفض نشر أو تعديل أي معلومات واتخاذ ما يلزم من إجراءات لمنع أي خرق لهذه الشروط والأحكام. وستقوم الشركة أيضا بالتعاون الكامل مع سلطات إنفاذ القانون وغيرها من السلطات ذات الصلة فيما يتعلق بأي تحقيق في يشتبه في عدم مشروعية أمن الشبكات.